Client Reviews


Jessica & Mike 

Sarah and Ben are amazing photographers! My husband and I worked with them during our upstate, NY wedding this summer and we could not have been happier with our experience and the photos. They made planning a breeze and made us feel so comfortable, it was more like working with friends. Their style is very artistic in yet natural. As a team they captured every amazing moment that happened during the course of our wedding. They even saved the day when our bus vendor left our bridal party stranded at our ceremony! We jumped in their car and they snapped some of the cutest photos during the ride to our reception. They definitely did their homework on the area as well and found a beautiful yellow field for us to stop at on the way to the reception which are some of our favorite photos. I could literally go on and on with how wonderful they are but Taken By Sarah was the easiest and best decision we made for our wedding!!!


debi & jeff

I'd been a fan of Sarah's gorgeous photography for a while so when it came time to book a photographer for my own wedding I had no hesitation in my decision of who to call. Even though I have admired many of her wedding shoots I was absolutely amazed at how beautifully she captured every little detail and special little moments all throughout the day. Every time I look through the album I am taken right back to the most perfect day.

Sarah and Ben make a wonderful team and do such phenomenal work. Our wedding ceremony was held in a very busy public area (by the monuments in Washington DC) and how they managed to get great photos without the crowds being in them is truly a testiment of their talents. My husband and I are so pleased with our entire experience with Sarah and Ben. We had such a great time and I only wish we had longer to spend with them.

As you can tell from her website and other postings, they are not just limited to the Charlotte area. I would recommend Sarah to anyone wanting truly amazing photography anywhere in the world! A true artist!


Kate & Steve

I don't think that my husband, Stephen, and I can adequately describe how amazing Sarah and Ben are. Their creativity is unbelievable! They really took the time to not only ask, but listen to what our priorities were for our day. Our photos turned out like none other we've ever seen (not like we're biased or anything).

Stephen and I absolutely loved spending our most cherished, intimate day with the two of them. They made us feel so comfortable and special all day long. There was something really special about being able to spend that time as husband and wife with Sarah and Ben. I cannot imagine our day without the two of them. We really loved how they put out a preview of our ceremony photos during the early part of the evening. Our wedding party and guests really got a kick out of it.
Sarah and Ben put 110% into what they do. They go above and beyond what is expected out of a photographer. Their talent and dedication absolutely cannot be beat. It's so special to watch Sarah put her heart and soul into every single picture they produce. Their love, talent, and dedication into their craft is beyond admirable. We love Sarah and Ben!!!


Leasa & Eng

Sarah and her husband, Ben, are amazingly talented photographers who are just so lovely and wonderful to work with. From the moment of our first meeting with Sarah, we knew our search for our wedding photographer was over and we had found β€œthe one.” Sarah and Ben are beautiful, artistic souls who are clearly passionate about their work and it shows in every photo they take. They are both classic and creative. We cannot imagine our wedding day without Sarah and Ben. Sarah has an exquisite eye for detail, and created naturally gorgeous photos of which we are in awe. They truly captured the essence of us, our guests, and our wedding day perfectly. Sarah and Ben captured so many moments we would have missed without them, and in our wedding photos, created priceless forever memories. Every time we look at our photos (which is a lot, as we cannot stop looking them), we are taken right back to those cherished moments and live them all over again.

Sarah is so attentive and responsive, and thinks of all the little details. It was forecasted to rain the morning of our wedding day, and Sarah was the ray of sunshine who brightened my day after our venue advised we would have to move our ceremony indoors. She was totally willing to still take photos outside, and brought clear umbrellas and shower curtains in case we needed them, as well as suggested that I bring my rainboots. Though it stopped raining before our photos, I was thankful Sarah suggested I bring my rainboots, as they saved my fabulous satin heels while we took photos around the gorgeous grounds of our venue (and made for some cute photos)!

We adore Taken by Sarah, and we are so grateful for their amazing and unique gift of film photography!


Ashley & Kyle

Sarah and Ben of Taken by Sarah Photography, are true professionals and I couldn't imagine having more treasured memories of our wedding then the ones that they captured through our wedding photos! The love, happiness, and pure excitement we felt was expressed beautifully in the pictures and taken in such a way that I still get goose bumps when I look at them. They were a joy to work with and I can't thank Taken by Sarah enough for being such an integral part of our big day!