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About us

We've been photographing weddings together over the past 10 years and have both been learning photography our whole lives. We operate as two primary photographers, rather than a "first" and "second" photographer. This gives us the ability to photograph a wedding day in the most cohesive way and provide our clients with a collection of images that tells their story beautifully from start to finish. We don't take pictures, we create photographs. And there is such a difference!

How are we different?

Our clients receive a beautifully curated and highly crafted collection of photos from their wedding day. We believe in printing your memories on beautiful paper and hand crafted albums. We don't believe in hundreds of photos sitting on a hard drive somewhere to be forgotten. We are highly experienced in dealing with all different kinds of weather and all kinds of lighting situations, ask us to see examples. 

From elopements with just the two of you to multi day events with hundreds of guests, we love to create a beautifully told photographic story of one of the most special days you'll ever experience. See a full wedding gallery here

We use film for ALL of our work because it makes insanely gorgeous photos with the best color imaginable.

where are we located?

We're available worldwide. Some places we work often include New York (upstate and downstate), Philadelphia, California and Hawaii.

What do our clients say?

Our clients and colleagues love us for our laid back, fun attitudes and skilled handling of the many challenges of a wedding day. We love weddings with lots of personality and beautiful design, and we are experts at directing the day smoothly and creating images that tell our client's unique story. 


The Experience

Getting to know the two of you is vital to our ability to document your wedding in the most authentic way possible. Complimentary engagement sessions are always included in your wedding day coverage so we can get to know each other and be as comfortable as possible on the actual wedding day, where we are basically your BFF's all day! An initial consult either over video chat or in person with Sarah starts your journey with us which culminates in you crying happy tears over your wedding album as you relive every minute of your wedding day, even the parts you weren't around for! 


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